Marvel Run Jump Smash

Marvel Run Jump Smash 1.0.1

Run, jump, and smash stuff with the Marvel heroes

Marvel Run Jump Smash is an endless runner featuring the famous Marvel super heroes. View full description


  • Colorful, high impact graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Features your favorite Marvel characters


  • Glitchy
  • Not very original

Not bad

Marvel Run Jump Smash is an endless runner featuring the famous Marvel super heroes.

Search for the hero inside

In Marvel Run Jump Smash you play the role of a S.H.I.E.L.D agent - either Nick Fury or Maria Hill. The idea is to run as far as you can horizontally, avoiding bad guys and obstacles, while filling your pockets with coins as you go. You are given objectives, and as you complete them you'll move up through the levels. In terms of its gameplay, Marvel Run Jump Smash is a lot like Jetpack Joyride.

As you run along in Marvel Run Jump Smash every now and then you'll see super hero tokens hidden among the coins. Run into a token and you'll 'summon' that particular Marvel Avenger, meaning that you turn into them momentarily. Being a super hero acts as an extra 'life', since if you get hit while you're a super hero you'll turn back into the agent.

Each super hero has a different ability. So, for example, Iron Man can fly through the sky, Captain America can double-jump to collect high coins, and Hulk can bash things in his trademark angry style. Other super heroes, including Spider-Man and Thor, are unlockable through in-app purchase.

Marvel Run Jump Smash includes an upgrades system whereby you can enhance your agents and super heroes with extra abilities, such as increased strength for super heroes so they can run longer, longer power-up duration, and various bonus items. Upgrades and items are available through in-app purchase or by using earned game gold.

Super simple controls

The controls in Marvel Run Jump Smash are simple for even mere mortals to get their head around. There's a button for jump and a button for attack (fire a gun or punch someone, for example). Special attacks can be unleashed by swiping the screen, or through a third action button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Holding out for a hero

The heroes in Marvel Run Jump Smash are based more closely on the more cartoonified Marvel Super Hero Squad show and action figure series, rather than the traditional comic book characters. For this reason, the game will appeal to the younger audience who are more familiar with this corner of the Marvel Universe.

The characters and backgrounds in Marvel Run Jump Smash are well drawn and bursting with colorful impact. However, in our tests on a Galaxy Nexus the game was pretty laggy, there were some occasional gameplay glitches, and it crashed on occasions. Loading times are a pain, too.

Predictable, but fun

As endless runners go, Marvel Run Jump Smash doesn't really break any new ground. But if you're a comic book fan and you enjoyed playing Jetpack Joyride you'll have fun with it.

Marvel Run Jump Smash


Marvel Run Jump Smash 1.0.1